City Limits

Donald Alter

Donald Alter (1930- ) was born in the Bronx. He became a student at Black Mountain College in 1948 and continued his studies until 1951. There he studied color theory with Josef Albers. When Albers left he was taught by Pete Jennerjahn and Joseph Fiore.

When Alter left BMC in 1951 he was drafted into the army where he was trained as an artillery forward observer. He was later assigned to be an artist for the training ads. After being released from the army, Alter enrolled at the Pratt Institute studying textile design.

In 1955, Donald and two others opened New Line Designers, Inc. Alter then formed his own business, Design Logic Inc., which focused on the home furnishing industry. After his first wife died, he and his second wife, Alice, raised their three children.

Donald retired in 1990 and has begun his focus on painting once again.

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