The Last Peace Conference

Charles F. Quest

Charles F. Quest (1904-1993) was born in Troy, NY. He attended Washington University School of Fine Arts where he studied painting and sculpture for five years. He later studied with both Fred Carpenter and Edmund Wuerpel. Shortly after leaving Washington University, Quest traveled to Europe for further training in art. He returned to New York City after six months, and after several years moved to St. Louis to begin teaching at Washington University School of Fine Arts. In addition to teaching there, he taught at St. Louis public schools, the St. Louis School of Fine Art, and 5 Art Center in St. Louis. He has painted murals at schools, churches and other public buildings throughout his career. Quest has worked in sculpture, stone carving, mosaics, stained glass and other materials, but his fame came from his paintings and prints. He was considered "one of the few contemporary artists who speaks to the human condition with sensitivity in a representational style". He has exhibited work in over 95 museums and galleries around the world and has been awarded numerous prizes and awards. He retired from teaching in 1971 at which point he had been teaching art for 42 years. His work is in the collections of the U.S. War Department in Washington, D.C., the University of Wisconsin, the Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute, and the Library of Congress. He died January 1, 1993, in his home in Tryon, NC.

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