March Snow

William Dunlap

William Dunlap (01/21/1944- ) was born in Mississippi.  In 1975 he traveled to Europe, visited the Black Mountain College poet, photographer and publisher  Johnathon Williams.  Along with artist Ed McGown participated in the Cologne Art Fair.    In 1977 he traveled in many areas of Spain hopeful in the endeavor of establishing a foreign campus site for Appalachian State University to complement the branch campuses in New York City and Washington, DC. William Dunlap is a mixed media artist, working in graphics, printmaking, painting and sculpture.   Dunlap categorizes his work as 'hypothetical realism."  He qualifies this by saying his works are "not portraits of places, but they could be."  He is interested in art which explores the time or space between memory and perception, often utilizing the symbolic value of the natural world.  He aims to create landscape painting that challenges the viewers assumptions, and that can only be interpreted on the 'conceptual' level.  This theme continues with his more recent three dimensional pieces. Dunlap's works have been exhibited in venues across the United States on numerous occasions.  His more auspicious showings include a one-person exhibits at Charlotte's Mint Museum, and New York's Italiaander Gallery, as well as participation in a temporary display at the National Museum of American Art, and the Corcoran Art Gallery in Washington D.C.  In 1986 Dunlap won the South East Center for Contemporary Arts, RJ Reynold's Southeastern Fellowship. His work is in the collection of the Federal Reserve Bank in Charlotte, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, the Washington Post, the Old Capitol Museum of Mississippi History, the American Bar Association in Washington D.C. and the Asheville Art Museum.  He resided in North Carolina until recently when he moved to Washington D.C. full-time.  He continues to travel on a frequent basis to gather ideas for his work.

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