Out From Under

Kevin B. O’Callahan

Kevin O'Callahan (02/14/1902-1977) was born in Buffalo, New York.  He is primarily a designer and craftsperson, and is best-known for his etchings and block prints.  He studied at Cornell University and the Carnegie Institute, and taught at the Buffalo Art Institute. O'Callahan's work was exhibited on over seven occasions at the National Academy of Design between 1936 and 1946, as well as the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art several  times that same decade.  His work was also featured at the San Francisco Museum of  Fine Arts between 1941 and 1943. His work was exhibited at several other museums and galleries throughout the United States.  His prints and etches may be continually viewed at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C., the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens in Florida, and the Farnsworth Museum of Maine.

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