Museum audiences enjoy a multi-sensory treat during Moogfest performance by INVISIBLE

Monday, November 5, 2012

By Sarah Wall

Audience members enjoying the performances by INVISIBLE during Moogfest 2012 were given a unique experience.   Staying true to their roots and to the sentiments of the music festival, INVISIBLE experimented in sound and visual display.  Using technology considered archaic by today’s society, the group creates a distinctive “smorgasbord” of sound- and video-making inventions.

INVISIBLE performed their latest project, The New Obsolete, which has been described as “an exploded view of the strange romance between humans and technology,” and “a love/hate drama set in a landscape of contraptions.”  Objects ranged from a piano controlled electromagnetically by the keys of a typewriter, to a drum machine driven by drips of water inside mason jars.  INVISIBLE achieves a unique aesthetic by pairing prerecorded sounds from second-hand objects such as CDs and tapes from answering machines, simultaneously with the live music of their “arstruments”, alongside traditional instruments like drums and electric guitar.  The amalgamation of sound resulted in an entirely distinctive Moogfest performance.

INVISIBLE gave four performances over the course of the weekend, drawing quite a crowd.  Several attendees mentioned that the performance was the best of any show they had seen over the course of the entire festival.  For those who were unable to join us, take a look at these videos for previous performances.  The Asheville Art Museum thanks INVISIBLE for providing a unique experience through the ensemble’s art installations, performance art and music. We hope to partner with you (and Moogfest) for future events in the coming years!