Mexican Idyll

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I could for this blog simply state what has already been stated about our raffle prizes, they are amazing, they are for a good cause, they are amazing…. Still, I don’t think it would get through the same way as If you were to see them face to face. So, I have decided that whoever reads this blog, will get to have an intimate view into the Mexican Idyll prize. I’m talking up close and personal tour. Get ready… Are you ready yet? OK, now sit back down at your computer because we aren’t going anywhere. I know, bummer. But thanks to the marvel of technology I have created a virtual walk through of this mid-century modern home. Located in Merida, Mexico this home is equipped with lush tropical gardens, a 60 foot lap pool, custom furniture, fine art, and has just recently been renovated by artist Randy Shull. Relax in the Yucatan as everything is provided for you: gardening, housekeeping. Need a break from this relaxing atmosphere, the home is conveniently located to the unique city of Merida. There you will enjoy the wonderful mixture of colonial city and cosmopolitan destination. Not to mention,Merida has even been designated a United Nations World Heritage Site. So let’s take a look inside… and tell me again… have you bought your raffle ticket??

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