The Countdown Clock

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hello friends. This is your Asheville art Museum intern signing in. days seem to be flying by faster then I was expecting and keeping up with them has become a job in itself. I currently have 3 calendars strategically placed around the computer and that’s not even counting the ones I have bookmarked online. Organization is the key this summer, but lately I have been lost in a sea of dates and events. Updating my updates and placing my event placements has become an obsession. Between the calendars on my desk and the ones in cyberspace space I have become a human countdown clock. So, in organizing the dates one more time, I have decided to give you all a peak inside my mind’s datebook. I present to you:


To begin, let’s look at the events that are most important. The Celebrate 60! Raffle has begun. You have exactly 31 days until this raffle ends. That’s a month’s time or 744 hours or 44640 minutes to pick your favorite prizes and send in your choices. That also gives us exactly 31 days until the Celebrate 60! Family pARTy and The Big Crafty. Yes, both these event are occurring on the same day folks. From 12-6 the big crafty will take over Pack Place, during which time from 1-4 the Celebrate 60! Family pARTy will take place. That’s a total of six hours (360 minutes) of crafts and three hours (180 minutes) of pARTying.

On the Celebrate 60! note, our party is coming up in 16 days or, 384 hours, or 23040 minutes. Doors open at 7:30 on Saturday June 27 at the Orange Peel. With Free Flow Band performing, live painters and street performers it is well worth counting down the days to.

The countdown for Summer Art Camp has also begun. This countdown, luckily, isn’t too long. Art Camp begins next week on the 15th bright and early at 9:00AM. This gives kids 4 days to prepare. Each session lasts 5 days and each day has 2 sessions. That is each session is 3 and a half hours long or 210 minutes- plenty of time for some ewyyy-goooy fun.

We have a number of exhibition changes coming this summer as well. There is ten days (240 hours) left to view the Expectant Gaze Exhibition, 24 days (576 hours) for the George Masa: Mapping the Mountains Exhibition, and 73 days (1752 hours) left to see Tradition and Innovation. On the other side of these closings there are 22 days (528 hours) till the opening of the exhibition Looking Back, 60 years of collecting at the Asheville Art Museum, and 29 days (696 hours) till the Cherokee Carvers exhibition opening.

Finally it is important to countdown the hour long Art Breaks we have coming up:
1 day for Tradition and Innovation
15 days for Mapping the Mountains. the Photographs of George Masa
29 days for Looking Back, 60 years of Collecting at the Asheville Art Museum
64 days for Cherokee Carvers

Oh! and in case you were wondering the Asheville Art Museum is 60 years old or approximately:
720 months… 21900 Days… 525600 Hours… 31536000 Minutes… I always enjoyed math.

As you can see there is a lot going on at any given hour here. However if you are are little confused on exactly what is going on there is this: Asheville Art Museum Event Calendar.

Until next time, I’ll see you at the museum!