Leonard Cave

Leonard Cave (10/22/1944 - 07/11/2006) was born in Columbia, South Carolina where he grew up with undiagnosed Tourette’s syndrome which he eventually outgrew. He went to Furman University on a pole-vaulting scholarship and while recovering from a back injury during training, he began to study sculpture. This led Cave to an MFA from University of Maryland.  His works are primarily made with Plexiglas, stone, metal, and chainsaw carved wood. In 1984, Cave was a founding member of the Washington Sculptor’s Group who fosters exchanges between sculptors and Washington D.C.’s collector and public art scene. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions across the United States and the world. Cave has taught at Georgetown University, the Torpedo Factory and public schools in Montgomery County.   He died in 2006 at 61 years of age after being hit by a drunk driver. The students at Northwest High school dedicated the art studio wing in his name where he had taught for the last 20 years of his life.

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