Asheville Art Museum Rights + Reuse Statement

The Asheville Art Museum makes digitally available images of its Collection and other materials for educational and research purposes under the definitions of “fair use,” as understood under the United States Copyright Act ( and defined by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) and the Association of Art Museum Directors (AAMD). All metadata associated with materials on the Museum’s website is made available for fair use purposes through a Creative Commons license. Copyright designations vary on an object by object basis, ranging from public domain to full copyright restrictions. The Asheville Art Museum makes a dedicated effort to provide accurate proprietary and copyright information where applicable and respects the rights of artists, artist estates, and other third-party rights holding entities. The Museum works extensively to assist users with being aware of copyright restrictions and holders; however, users of this website are responsible for verifying and satisfying copyright restrictions for any personal usages not under the purview of “fair use,” including but not limited to reproductions for non-educational or commercial purposes, for any materials made available on this website.

Users may view and download, when allowable under “fair use” and applicable copyright restrictions, images of a resolution suitable for reference and classroom presentations. The Museum encourages individual researchers and students to inquire about the availability of higher resolution images for specific educational purposes.

To request more information about terms of reuse in general or to request an image for specific educational, commercial, web-based, or other usages, click here to contact the Museum.

In the event that inaccuracies or out-of-date copyright information are discovered, the Asheville Art Museum reserves the right to remove or disable access to materials requiring further review. The Asheville Art Museum actively researches and updates copyright information by engaging in conversation with artists, estates, trusts, and other third parties to determine permissions and copyright. Furthermore, the Asheville Art Museum continually reviews best practices regarding “fair use” and digitally available materials. If an individual has additional or differing information regarding copyright for an artist or an artist’s estate, we encourage them to click here to contact the Museum.