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The Asheville Art Museum’s Annual Fund Campaign is divided into Fall and Spring Appeals, which raise vital funds to provide much needed support for our daily operations and programs. We believe the arts make a difference in our community. A gift to the Annual Fund allows us to continue to provide meaningful art, education, and experiences to the people of Western North Carolina and the many visitors to our region.

Here is why it is important:

1. Financial Stability

The Annual Fund provides a consistent and predictable source of revenue for the Museum. Unlike grants or special project-based donations, the funds raised through the Annual Fund can be used to cover day-to-day expenses, such as staff salaries, utilities, maintenance costs, and other essential operational needs. This stability ensures that the Museum can continue to function and serve the community year after year.

2. Flexibility

The Annual Fund’s unrestricted nature allows the Museum’s leadership to allocate the funds where they are most needed. This flexibility enables them to respond quickly to emerging opportunities, address unexpected challenges, or invest in priority areas, such as educational programs or acquiring new artworks.

3. Supporting Programming and Exhibitions

Museums curate exhibitions and offer educational programs to engage and inspire their visitors. The Annual Fund provides the necessary financial support to organize these exhibitions and develop educational initiatives that enrich the community’s cultural experience.

4. Accessibility and Outreach

Many museums strive to make art and culture accessible to diverse audiences. The Annual Fund helps the Asheville Art Museum offer free or reduced-price admissions, outreach programs, and educational resources to underserved communities, schools, and individuals who might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience art.

5. Strengthening the Museum’s Impact

The Annual Fund’s collective contributions from numerous donors can have a substantial impact on the Museum’s ability to fulfill its mission and vision. It enables the Museum to maintain high standards of excellence in its exhibitions, collections, and educational offerings.



Overall, the Asheville Art Museum’s Annual Fund is a critical component of its financial sustainability and capacity to serve the community. Through the generous support of donors, the Museum can continue to be a vibrant cultural hub, fostering creativity, knowledge, and appreciation of the arts for people of all ages and backgrounds.

* All Annual Fund contributions are 100% tax deductible and do not count towards Museum Membership.

The Asheville Art Museum is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, accredited by the American Alliance of Museums, which receives support for its programs from Museum Members, other generous individuals, corporations, businesses and foundations, the North Carolina Arts Council, a state agency, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, a federal agency, and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency which believes that a great nation deserves great art. Additional support is provided by the City of Asheville and Buncombe County.

Thank You to Our 2023 Fall Annual Fund Donors

Pat & Sally Abrams
Lin Andrews
AVL Technologies
Dusty Benedict
Bob Benites & Michael Teaford
Sallie Bernard
Philip & Jacqueline Blocklyn
Courtney Blossman
Werner & Kay Bonitz
Boys Arnold Wealth Management
Ed Bresler
Cynthia Bringle
Nat & Anne Burkhardt
Tom Butler & Marilyn Laufer
Christi & Nicholas Butts
Jay Calloway
Lynne Cannady
Helen Carlisle
Robert & Ellen Carr
Lee & Gene Casey
Kerry Celestini
Michael Cleveland & Grazia Nunzi
Carolyn & George Cooper
Carolyn & Orville Coward
Maria De Isasi & John Kennedy
Robert Deutsch
Benjamin Dimmitt
Brook & Tyler Emerson-Dorsch
Dorothy & Bill Ebersole
Lee Entrekin & Nina August
Betsy & Adrian Faulkner
John & Camille Fenton
Nancy B. Ferguson
Belinda & Jeffrey Fromson
Jayne & Herbert Gallinger
Judith Galloway
John Gardner & Betsy Barefoot
Joey Gigliotti
Edeltraut Gilgan-Hunt
Ric & Liz Goodman
Kay & Michael Goodman
Clementine W. Gregory
Marcia Gunnar
Mary G. Hagood
Lei Han
Ann Hawthorne
Ann & Chris Hayes
Anna Hayward
Lindsay Hearn
Kathy Hemes
Marilynne Herbert
Terry Hess
Patrick Hill & Nanette Johnson
Elizabeth W. Holden
Nancy Holmes
David B. Hopes
Allen & Barry Huffman
David Hurand & Martha Salyers
Sandy & Brion Johnson
Bruce Johnson & Leigh Ann Hamon
Joen Goodman
Anne Kimmel
Jim & Mary Kirby

Albert & Priscilla Klomparens
Delphia Lamberson
Vito Lenoci
Robert & Wanda Levin
Katherine Vogel & John Littleton
Mary Logsdon
Mary McAdams & Peter Rutledge
Brian & Gail McCarthy
The McClinton Family
Hugh & Carol McCollum
Virginia McKinley
Tom & Bonnie Miller
Elizabeth Minor
David Moltke-Hansen & Patricia Poteat
Erin Moore
Stephanie Moore
Pamela L. Myers
Frances Myers
Kenneth Myers
Cheryl Newman & Charles Wise
Dave & Ellen Nutter
Jim & Kendall Wright-Oliver
Ladd & Virginia Painter
Bill & Maryann Parish
Butch & Kathy Patrick
James Peterson & Julia Calkins Peterson
Sharon & James Pitts
Doris Potash & Michael Hall
James & Bitsy Powell
Joyce Pressley & Michael Schumacher
Rob Pulleyn
Anne Rawson
Ute C. Roth
Ron Rumford
Melinda Russek
David Russell & Ella Woods
Cherry & Paul Lentz Saenger
Christine Sams
Sammy Sams
Kim McGuire & Jim Samsel
Paul & Pat Samuels
Michael Sartisky
Carol Schniedewind & Paula Dawkins
Nancy Schuman
Carol & Stephen Sedgwick
Waid & Babbie Shelton
Marsha & Michael Shlaer
Mark Sidelnick & Marti Svoboda
Libby Skamfer
Ann Skoglund
Phil & Patricia Smith
Dana & Jana Stonestreet
Jill & George Stowe
Hank & Marita Strauss
Dick Sweterlitsch
Tunc & Nancy Togar
William & Lou Ella Tucker
Margaret Vollmerhausen
Eunice Ward
Phyliss & Bob Ward
Dana Ward & Paul Benson
Judy Watson
Paulette Webb
Janet Whitworth & Mark Whitney
Jim Wilson & Lynne Poirier-Wilson

Thank You to Our 2023 Spring Annual Fund Donors

Joel & Marla Adams​
Sheila H. Akabas​
Altura Architects​
Robert Amberg & Leslie Stilwell​
Michele Anderson & Wallace Bohanan​
Lin Andrews​
Jordan Avants​
Robert K. Benites & Michael J. Teaford​
Philip & Jacqueline Blocklyn​
Courtney Blossman​
Hank Bovee​
Fleur S. Bresler​
Nathan & Anne Burkhardt​
Tom Butler & Marilyn Laufer​
Lynne Cannady​
Robert & Jeannette Cannon​
Helen Carlisle​

Alexander & Lauren Carr​
Robert K. Carr & Carolyn Davis​
David Castel & Catherine Battle​
Chris Cavanaugh​
Mark & Amanda Chase​
Kevin Click & April Liou​
Charles & Jeanne Cummings​
Elizabeth Cunagin​
Richard & Alexa Dann​
Nance & Alan Davidson​
Benjamin Dimmitt​
Bill Dorfman & Lynn Kochanek​
Dorothy Ebersole & Bill Everin​
Richard & Bridget Eckerd​
Beverly L Edgell​
Ronald & Nancy Edgerton​
Laurie & Rudolf Ekstein

Barbara Fisher​
Jayne & Herbert Gallinger​
Judith Galloway​
Joey Gigliotti​
Michael & Kay Goodman​
Amy Gordon & Daniel Dunn​
Judith Hamill​
Lei Han​
Jerry & Melissa Harrelson​
Allen B. Hayes & Charles Gursslin, Jr.​
Anna Hayward​
Terry Hess​
Elizabeth W. Holden​
Kathleen J. Holmes​
James P. Houser, Jr. & Patricia C. Cox​
Linda Iovacchini​
James G. Israel​

Thorunn K Ivey​
Dan & Melissa Jacobs​
Cynthia Keever​
Jonathon & Ann Kemske​
Delphia Lamberson
Joe & Jill Lawrence​
Walt Leginski​
Barbara Levine​
Richard & Bernice Levy​
Hugh & Carol McCollum​
Frank & Zia McConnell​
Virginia McKinley​
Jerry & Ann McLellan​
Margaret & Elwood Miles​
Tom & Bonnie Miller​
Frances Myers​
Russell & Ladene Newton​
Charles & Eleanor Owen​

Butch & Kathy Patrick​
James Peterson & Julia Calkins Peterson​
Gina Phillips​
Doris Potash & Michael Hall​
Kathleen Quinlan & Marc Parham​
David H. Quinn & Jennifer Moore​
Ute C. Roth​
David Russell & Ella Woods​
Jeffrey & Bea Russell​
Paul & Cherry Lentz Saenger​
Christine Sams​
Paul & Pat Samuels​
Nancy Schuman​
Waid & Babbie Shelton​
LeGrand & Jayne Smith​
Nancy Smith​
William Snellings & Wesley Cadle​
Tom & Kathe Stanley​

Sanford Stoddard​
Dana & Jana Stonestreet​
George & Jill Stowe​
Suzanne Thayer​
Sarah Van Gunten​
Linda J. Walker​
Dana Ward & Paul Benson​
Judy Watson​
Paulette Webb​
Steve & Mina Weiner
T. Jude Welsh​
Jim Wilson & Lynne Poirier-Wilson​
John & Cindy Winkenwerder​
Mitchell Wolfson Jr.​
Bobby & Elizabeth Yount​
Gary & Olivia Zahler​
Steve & Frosene Zeis


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