David H. Jernigan

David Hunt Jernigan (1944- ) came to Highwater in 1977, bringing a crisp new MFA from the University of Georgia. He claimed Asheville for his own, having grown up a military dependent with no roots. His energy helped Highwater stabilize and develop into a pillar of the arts community in Asheville. His influence was low-key and sensitive to the idiosyncrasies of the artists attracted by Highwater. David's works reflect his calm, analytical nature. They move a few steps beyond Minimalism, and are challenging to the viewer. He limits his palette and his linear options. He strives to maximize what can happen in the shortest distance between two points. Color areas have been printed lithographically on the simplest of matrices. The prints are dissected and reassembled into high-tech collages ready for pencil or ink detailing. David Jernigan's exposure has been strictly southern. His works have been displayed in galleries in Atlanta and Raleigh. They are included in the corporate collections of R.J. Reynolds. Spa Health Clubs, and locally, the Haywood Park Hotel, and the R.J. Coleman Company. His work is also included in the permanent collection of the Asheville Art Museum. His works are included in many private collections from Virginia to Florida.

Other works by: David H. Jernigan