Ernst Spuehler

Ernst Spuehler (1900-1973) was born  Switzerland and emigrated to Chicago.  He studied art in Zurich and Paris.  Spuehler was hired as a chief designer for R.H. Donnelly Lakeside Press in Chicago.  He later founded his own company and designed advertisements for both Swift and Company and Abbott Laboratories.  Spuehler lived on a dairy farm in Elgin, Illinois, where he set up his own studio.  He frequently exhibited his work at the Art Institute of Chicago.  When he and his wife decided to move to a place that resembled the climate and terrain of his native Switzerland they settled in the mountains of western North Carolina, near Asheville.  He created a series of silk scrrens called "Mountain Folks" which depicted life of the country folks: joyous, simple but also harsh.

Other works by: Ernst Spuehler