Herbert Katzman

Herbert Katzman (1923-2004) studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. After serving in the US Navy in World War II, he went to Paris in 1947, where he met other US artists and writers including James Baldwin . Katzman met his first wife, Judith Duny Baker, an aspiring painter, in Paris, where one of their sons was born. The family returned to the US in 1951 but went to Florence in 1955 when Katzman won a Fulbright Fellowship. Then he settled in New York City, which, particularly along its waterways, was one of his favorite subjects. His densely textured figurative canvases were slathered with a palette knife laying down thick paint resembling frozen waves. His work was included in the show titled "Fifteen Americans," held at the Museum of Modern Art in the U.S. in 1952. He participated in the 1956 Venice Biennale. Katzman was represented in 1993 by the Terry Dintenfass Gallery; his last exhibition was in 1994 at the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio.

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