J. L. Nippers

J.L. Nipper (02/15/1935- ) is a self-taught artist who was born in and still resides in Tennessee.  He carves animals and large birds from wood either by hand or with a chainsaw.  He paints his work with house paint in solid colors and polka-dots. Nipper was friends with Homer Green for over twenty years. Around 1984 Nipper asked if he could help Green with his "cutting". Green told him to come back the next morning with a chainsaw. That began Nipper’s journey as a self-professed "wood butcher." Picking up where Green left off, Nipper creates a menagerie of dotted critters, from winged totem poles and alligators, to porcupines with sharpened chopsticks as quills. Often he is helped with the painting by his wife, Marie.

Other works by: J. L. Nippers