Juan Logan

Juan Logan (08/16/1946- ) was born in Nashville, Tennessee.  He is  a sculptor and a painter.    His paintings are abstract and concrete.  They are formally ordered, seductively colorful and richly textured.  Logan has a complex vocabulary of forms that include churches, hooded figures, military emblems and other signs drawn from the culture at large.  His paintings are often based on personal or family connections, such as summertime religious camp meetings.  Through the personal, Logan comments on the social.  His paintings deal with a host of issues ranging from the Klan to AIDS.  They are structured in a manner that allows the individual viewer room to express his or her own feelings. In 1984 he was given the award for first place in the 14th International Exhibition, New Orleans.  He was awarded the North Carolina Arts Council Artists Fellowship in 1991/92.  His works have been exhibited in Illinois, North Carolina, New York, Georgia, and throughout the remaining United States. In the spring of 1994, his works were included in an exhibition at the Mint Museum of Art that was entitled "Juan Logan/Tucker's Grove." Logan's paintings are in the collections of Glaxo Incorporated, the Mint Museum of Art, the National Museum of African Art, North Carolina Central University, St. John's Museum of Art, and the Harriet Tubman Museum (Macon, Georgia)

Other works by: Juan Logan