Lucille H. Stonier

Lucille Stonier (04/24/1886-11/03/1966) was born in Turkey Creek, Texas.  She and her family moved to California after most of her fathers' cattle and sheep froze to death.  After Stonier graduated from high school, her family moved to San Jose, and she enrolled in the College of the Pacific (1913).  Upon graduation, she and her husband moved to Los Angeles and she pursued commercial art and wrote newspaper articles.  Stonier enrolled in classes at the Chouinard Art Institute.  She also taught commercial art classes at Polytechnic High School in Los Angeles.  She spent several summers in New York, and took art courses at Parsons.  In 1927 she moved to New York.  Although she was thrilled by the art galleries and museums in New York she and her husband decided to leave strenuous city life and move to Asheville, North Carolina.  Stonier studied art with Peter Wagner and Elliot O'Hara and excelled in watercolor painting.  In 1936 she had her first solo exhibit of watercolors in Asheville.  She exhibited her paintings every season thereafter.  Her works are in several collections, including the Norton Gallery in West Palm Beach and the Veterans Hospital in Oteen, North Carolina.  Stonier died on November 3, 1966.

Other works by: Lucille H. Stonier