Richard Anuszkiewicz

Richard Anuszkiewicz (1930- ) was born in Erie, Pennsylannia.  He is the most prominent artist associated with Op art.   When Anuszkiewicz had his first New York exhibition in 1960 the critics reacted to his juxtaposition of colors of equal value sometimes with shock. They said that his works "make havoc with normal vision,"' that they stun the viewer and "dazzle and perplex the eye," and "that "the effect is like putting your finger in an electric socket." His paintings utilized a uniform surface without brushstroke, without gradation, with a sudden abrupt edge between colors.  He also incorporated symmetry, color exploration, and repitition into his compositions. Anuszkiewicz has had numerous one-man and group exhibitions throughout the United States.  His work is in the permanent collections of various museums, universities, and corporations including the Mint Museum in Charlotte, the Chicago Art Institute, the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Musuem.

Other works by: Richard Anuszkiewicz