Phenomenon Green Stretch

Paul Jenkins

Paul Jenkins (1923- ) was born in Kansas City, MO. Paul Jenkins was early associated with Abstract Expressionism and was noted for heavily impastoed illuminated paintings with spiritual, metaphysical qualities that set him apart from many of his peers. Primarily he paints with acrylic on canvas and with a palette knife and brush. As a teenager he worked in a ceramics factory where he learned about color variations and form. His interest in and talent for theater earned him a fellowship to the Cleveland Playhouse, after which he went to the Drama School of the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh. Determined to be an artist, he went to New York City where he studied at the Art Students League from 1948-1952 and was influenced by instructors Yasuo Kuniyoshi and Morris Kantor and by the movement Art Informel, or Tachisme, a style that broke the boundaries of traditional thought about form. His lithographs and early paintings reflected his interest in mysticism including Zen Buddhism and the writings of Carl Jung. He perceived his work as inspired by God, and many of his canvases were grounds for manipulations of paint.

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